“…Whether logging online from a home office or commuting to a traditional one, cultivating a positive work environment is crucial…”

Honestly, we spend more time at work in our lifetime than anywhere else. It’s important that our workspace works for and with us. The more supportive our office space, whether at home or at work, the more productive and happier we are. Transforming your space can transform your life! As more fields have embraced remote work in the last couple of years, creating an efficient and enjoyable workspace has become increasingly important for many office workers. Whether logging online from a home office or commuting to a traditional one, cultivating a positive work environment is crucial. Long hours in cramped, cluttered conditions are out! A supportive, comfortable, and thoughtful work environment is in! You deserve to be energized by the utility and efficiency of the office environment around you. Read on to learn 25 ways to improve your office space so that you can bring ease and beauty into your space. And once you’ve applied these tips, make sure to post a photo on social media and tag us so we can enjoy your transformed space with you!

– Color & Lighting –


Prioritize natural lighting

Organize furniture around windows so that you can bask in the sunlight as much as possible while working. Natural lighting adds vibrance, improves mood, and produces calming psychological effects.


Consider color psychology

Many studies have gone into exploring how colors can affect and alter our moods. Color Psychology is the study of analyzing how colors affect our behavior, emotions, and perceptions. Using certain color schemes to optimize your working life can promote a more visually pleasing and psychologically stimulating space. For instance, the color blue is thought to promote tranquility and focus, while the color red arouses alertness and productivity. If painting the walls is a no-go, then you can simply add color through photos, wall art, and even the background on your computer. Experiment with your color preferences and see what works best for you!


Decorate with mirrors

A strategically placed mirror can create the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors can beautify a space and redistribute the flow of natural light.


Invest in quality lighting

In addition to prioritizing natural light, catering other lighting choices is important to maximize productivity. Different light color combinations can foster varying psychological effects. While warmer yellow and orange lighting often induces calmness and relaxation, brighter blue and white lighting can bolster alertness and concentration. One thing we love to do at bfd interiors is turn off the bright overhead lighting, and light our spaces and offices with a variety of lamps and natural light. This change makes the space calmer and more inviting—and even helps with our eyes and any headaches!

– walls & floors –


Invest in wall shelving

A blank wall is an opportunity! Install a floating shelf or other similar organizers to make the most of your vertical space.


Hang a Board

By adorning your wall with a corkboard, pegboard, or magnetic board, you can create an easily accessible space to keep track of tasks, events, and responsibilities. There are even corkboard and calendar combinations, so you can have fun and productivity all in one place. A board can free up desk space and enable you to add some fun personal touches!


Use Hooks on backs of doors

Hooks are excellent to use to free up space. By taking advantage of vertical storage, hooks enable easy access to frequently used items, all the while making very efficient use of the space.


Install wall-to-wall flooring

While small rugs can make a space feel smaller, wall-to-wall flooring can create the feeling of a wider, more open environment. The absence of breaks between floor materials produces a sense of continuity and flow, making the space appear larger.

– Furniture –


Invest in comfortable furniture

High-quality furniture can make all the difference when creating the ideal working environment. Consider prioritizing comfort when selecting desk chairs, lounge furniture, and even conference room pieces. Productivity can be severely diminished when unsupportive furniture causes fatigue and/or discomfort. A huge plus in commercial furniture is the warranty. If a product is damaged or breaks years down the line, then many times it’s under warranty and can be replaced easily. It’s worth the money and investment to have high-quality furniture that will last and support you.


Use a standing desk

A standing desk has many advantages, ranging from improving posture to a variety of health and mood benefits. Choosing a desk can be a game-changer! Not to mention, the removal of a bulky office chair is sure to free up a good deal of space. For example, an adjustable desk with height-adjustment capacities can be manipulated from a standard sitting desk into a standing one. Anytime we are feeling stagnant in our work or our mind, simply switching from sitting to standing makes all the difference, not to mention it’s healthier too!


Modular furniture

Having modular furniture that you can constantly customize and adapt to fit your current needs is a savvy purchase. You can reconfigure your set up to freshen up the space or accommodate different daily needs—all without having to make additional purchases.


Select an ergonomic desk

Desks equipped with shelving features can provide additional storage and promote organization. Alternatively, a smaller desk can clear up much-needed space.


Strategically place trash bins

Clutter has a tendency to build up when we are too focused to leave our workspace. Having easily accessible trash bins can improve your motivation to carry out simple tidying tasks. And who doesn’t like an occasional game of trash can basketball?

– Organization & Storage –


Digitize files

Though filing cabinets can help with keeping documents well arranged, in the digital age, physical recordkeeping is becoming more obsolete. Go paperless to save tons of space and replace bulky, obtrusive cabinets with digital folders all while helping the environment!


Create a designated storage space

If you can’t digitize all your files, then be sure to have a specific spot for physical storage. Just as digital files free up space, having storage for physical files can also free up other space throughout the rest of your office. Consider using mobile peds, rolling carts, and other storage devices. Let these be your trusty Sidekicks!


Keep Your Cables and Cords Organized

Though filing cabinets can help with keeping documents well arranged, in the digital age, physical recordkeeping is becoming more obsolete. Go paperless to save tons of space and replace bulky, obtrusive cabinets with digital folders all while helping the environment!


Divvy up the space

Plan your setup so that certain spaces can be assigned to specific tasks. For instance, you can create a designated desk, storage, and lounge areas. Additionally, if you’re working alongside a coworker or in a traditional office setting, then positioning decorative room dividers can create privacy and spice up the space with some color.


Intentionally declutter

Set aside a time each week to be deliberate about the objects in your environment. Go through your files, contemplate your trinkets, and assess what really needs to remain. Though it might seem like a no-brainer, decluttering can often be pushed aside when it isn’t turned into a regular practice. Create a routine for yourself so that the habit feels like second nature.


invest in a multifunctional printer/scanner/fax machine

A multifunctional document machine is the ultimate space saver. The machine that does it all can also streamline workflow and simplify document management.


Designate a space for gadgets

Technology makes work easier, but what a distraction it can be! Having a drawer or box to store smartphones, tablets, and other devices can keep them out of sight and out of mind, helping to maximize your productivity in the workspace. We love a good “do not disturb” or “work” mode!


Use multiple monitors

Using more than one computer screen can enhance your workflow by providing more space to view work. Having more electronic workspace reduces physical clutter that might be strewn across your desk. With this handy trick, you can multitask more easily and efficiently by streamlining certain tasks to specific monitors. Try a Dual Desk Mount that allows you to adjust the monitors for your convenience and comfort.

– Odds & Ends –


Add some greenery into the mix

Plants can purify the air and contribute to a tranquil, relaxing environment. Depending on the space available, even small succulents or air plants suspended from hooks can spruce up a room and make the most of limited space. And at bfd interiors, we even have fake plants around the office. They’re no maintenance, and you can have them in rooms without natural light to help soften and brighten up the space. Real or fake, plants are always a must!


Have refreshments handy

Food is fuel! Having healthy snacks and plenty of water on hand will keep you charged throughout the day. A bowl of fruit can also add a splash of color to the place! Readily available snacks will keep you as energized as possible for an industrious day. We love our coffee and totally need it, but make sure you’re getting at least a cup of water between each cup of coffee!


personal touches

Get creative! Life work balance is important, and adding personal touches to the space will help make it feel like your own. Avoid making the space too much of “your own” by letting your flourishes become the clutter that could hold you back. Decorating in moderation will help you feel an emotional connection with the space. With pictures of loved ones or beautiful art surrounding you, these items can inspire you to remain diligent throughout the day. Even a simple affirmation card or motivational quote can help give you that little push to get through the day.


Create opportunities for movement

An active workspace can increase energy, foster focus, and improve mood. Even if you don’t have a flexible work schedule, movement can be cultivated by installing various workstations or even just enforcing intentional breaks for walks or stretching. Allowing your body, the movement it needs will keep you balanced, healthy, and productive. You can even add a walking treadmill to your desk to help you stay moving and active throughout the day! Not only does movement keep you healthy, but it also helps break up the day and gives you little goals and breaks to set for yourself.