Imagine joining a team that grows together and leaves a lasting connection! We are looking for bright, flexible, and determined individuals to help us!

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  • “We seek only the very BEST! It isn’t “just a job” to us. We encourage you to include the outstanding quality or reason you possess in the Message section below. No resume is requested at this point. If we are interested, you will receive an email from us within 5 business days.”



Alisha Gregg


As the owner of bfd interiors, this is my favorite part of the website! It is this section where I’m able to gush about the A-Team of people who work with us and are assigned the pleasure of working together on incredible projects for every single client. Every person with us has the technical credentials, licenses and education needed that you will see with every design firm you review. But I find it’s a bit more interesting for you to see these wonderful people through my heartfelt stories about them, and that little something that makes them quite unique.

We all have Pinterest pages set up with our interests, our vision boards, our motivational clips and other things so that you can know us on a little bit more of a personal level, so be sure to spend some time there.

Karen Albin

Quoting, Procurement, Logistics Management

You will be hard pressed to find someone in the industry who works harder, is more pleasant and humble, and quicker on delivery.…”

Kirsten Ramirez


“When we need to organize a complex installation, Kirsten saves the day. I secretly think she can leap tall buildings in a single bound...…”

Lexi Page

Interior Designer

“You might see her taking photographs of people for portraits and couple shots, or drawing commissionable pieces.

Teri Holman

Design Associate

“We’ve all learned to work remotely, from anywhere. bfd is embracing that work-life growth mindset.

Kristie Reinhart

Account Manager

“Her connection with clients, designers, industry partners and all of us is universally FUN!”


Lora Lopez

Business Operations Associate

“Her servant-minded heart and sweet personality only adds icing to the cake, leaving those around her feeling happy and confident the job will be done perfectly.…”

Misty Hill

Account Manager

“Her cheerful attitude, and long standing experience in customer solutions as a sales and account manager, is invaluable..…”

Katharine Johnson

Marketing & Business Development Director

“For bfd, Katharine is our energy persona – out and about and developing all things social and strategic.


Office Dog

“In keeping with our wellness initiatives, we wanted to have something cute and cuddly, with a big spirt and a lot of sass...…”