The big question – how do you feel at the end of a working day? Are you or your employees less engaged, sleepy-eyed, less productive, and even worse – in physical pain, because of the conditions of the workplace?

We spend more time with our co-workers than our families, so it is important that we feel our best there, and when we leave the office. Our team of workplace strategists are committed to leaving people feeling their best through design and furnishings. We want your families and friends to experience your best energy at the end of the day, not what’s left over. We design for culture and sense of belonging, community, wellness initiatives, ways to increase productivity, automation, talent acquisition and retention initiatives and even remote working. And we practice what we preach. Even with our own office, you will find us happily working from home some days, from other cities or countries even, in a park, or anywhere that sparks our energy and provides the environment we need for a given project or to meet a deadline.


In the past, the designer or architect conducted a formal program to evaluate what “space and function” requirements were needed to create the workplace. With today’s focus on collaboration, wellness, social context, and the demand for amenities for talent acquisition and retention, the workplace strategist is a crucial part of the design solution.

The workplace strategy designer sits at an intersection of real estate, facility design, interior design, and IT to create an integrated design solution for people, places, and processes with the ultimate goal of ensuring the happiness and productivity of employees.

Well-Certified is the new standard in building and design for interiors to keep people feeling and functioning at their very best.